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CRAZY FUSSION   Certification

The Crazy Fusion certification is a high-energy certification and learning experience, oriented to practice for anyone who wants to become an instructor. This certification does not only focus on dance movements; Also highlight the skills that will help instructors to intensify their class with skill and joy. With Crazy Fusion, anyone can learn to dance, and with this Instructor certification, anyone can learn and practice the skills necessary to lead a class.


A Crazy Fussion class follows a structure similar to a dance class, but with fitness benefits (exercise) in mind. The class follows a form of HIIT by its abbreviations in English (training in intervals of high intensity) that receives the body and the mind prepared to move, the intensity accumulates, explodes with a dance of high energy.


  • Objectives, Purpose and Achievements.


  • Integrate basic knowledge of cardio-tilt exercises, as well as dance steps, aerobics, etc.


  • To work the teaching in competition, obtaining that their pupils (a) s, manage to grasp of which it treats.


  • Achieve a certification and a specialty of knowledge and skill at a competitive level.


  • Apply the theoretical information and subject (music, step, exercises, movements) to the design and communication of the class.


  • Return the student positive and competent to any dance, exercise or choreography.


  • The student puts into practice all their skills and abilities to achieve their goal and objective, achieving not only a competition with others, but a competition with themselves.


  • Achieve an athletic body, with a capacity of sequence, intervals and high impact obtaining a functional body

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